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Today, my 11-year-old daughter, Da Gurl is a guest blogger!

After reading, “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar, she was quickly inspired to compose the below poem:

by Da Gurl

Dead night and I am locked away
Against my will, and so I pray
I bang upon the window pane
Tears falling like drops of rain

No stars or moon to set me free
I sit alone on one bruised knee
But the wind hears my cries
I look up, frightened with brimming eyes

The glass is shattered, sharp edges bright
The moon is giving me some light
Out I jump with hurried glance
I hobble, I bounce, I sing, I prance

Yet suddenly I’m alone again
Alone, in my ragged torn frame
I find I’m scared, and in the dark
Stony faces carved into bark

I rush back very tearful
For now I find I’m fearful
Of what lies ahead on that narrow road
And I’m much safer in my broken abode

Da Gurl and Little Man at Wall Drug, South Dakota