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Occupy Wall Street protestors are very angry. There is a general anger toward capitalism. And at the same time students are angry about their mounting student loans.

Nate Grant, a 22 year-old New Jersey resident has been camping out at Occupy Wall Street for almost a week now bearing a sign that reads, “Students Ought Not Be a Means of Profit.” He has accumulated $90,000 in student loan debt.

Here is the Liberal way of dealing with college debt — more government:

President Obama will make student loans easier to repay for millions of borrowers without adding to the national deficit, his administration said Tuesday.
Bypassing an uncooperative Congress, Obama will, by executive order, reduce to 10% the maximum percentage of income that 1.6 million current students will have to pay toward their student loans. They will also be eligible for loan forgiveness in 20 years instead of 25

~ LA Times

Here’s the Conservative way– personal responsibility:

How would you like to go to college for free? Would you milk cows? Would you bake fruit bread? Meet the College of the Ozarks…

But what is truly different about Hard Work U. — as the college styles itself — is that all 1,345 students must work 15 hours per week to pay off the entire cost of tuition — $15,900 per year. If they work summers, as one-third are doing this summer, they pay off their $4,400 room and board as well. Work study is not an option as it is at most campuses; it is the college’s raison d’être.

95 percent graduate debt free. Nate Grant would have been better served by attending College of the Ozarks instead of sulking amongst other embittered citizens in a month-long pity party. Unless hard work is not his forté.

The work ethic is not what it used to be. When you go out into the real world, they don’t care where you went to school. They care if you show up on time, if you don’t do the job right, if you’ve got a good attitude. Employers will tell you that graduates of College of the Ozarks have qualities they like.

~ Jerry C. Davis, president of the College of the Ozarks.

I find I take more pride in doing well in class when I know I’ve washed dishes to be able to take that class.

~ Sarah Ledoux, a sophomore from Deridder, La.

The College of the Ozarks is a four-year college instituted in 1965. It is rated No. 30 by the U.S. News and World Report among Midwestern colleges that offer both liberal arts and professional degrees. It is one of seven “work colleges.”

This place is a serious institution of learning. Alcohol is strictly forbidden. Women and men live in separate dormitories.

Tuition-free colleges exist. Business Week compiled a list that you can view here. If I was down at Occupy Wall Street, I would have liked to have discussed with Nate why he thought incurring $90K worth of debt was the right way to start his adulthood. The argument that somehow student loans are “forced” on everyone is a canard. There is always an alternative to the government hand out, but I’m sure he and his fellow protestors won’t agree. Grow up and wise up, Nate Grant!