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The Temple of the High Priests of Pistol Permits. Awesome!

New York City doesn’t want its citizens to own guns. The city believes that less guns mean less crimes (Can someone please send a copy of John Lott’s book, More Guns, Less Crime to Mayor Mike Bloomberg as a birthday present?) NYC has rules and regulations that make obtaining a handgun license so difficult for lawful citizens, that many would have to resort to hiring the services of a lawyer or a knowledgeable consultant from a gun range. Never mind the fact that criminals pay no attention to such laws and would be able to obtain a gun with far less hassle.

At the point I had decided that I was going to get a premises handgun license (and if you’re laughing because you live in a carry state, I envy you), I took a closer look at the actual application online. I think a four letter expletive came rushing out of my mouth. As I looked at the bottom of the pdf file I realized that this premises handgun license application was 15 pages long. The wizard behind the curtain masterminding the operations of gun licensing in NYC is certainly an evil man. He is smiling and giving me the middle finger at the same time. And if memory serves me correct, college applications were far shorter and didn’t require an interpreter.

Take a look at the premises handgun license application if you dare….
NYC Hand Gun License Application

For weeks, I stared at the 15 page hand gun application online at the NYPD website. I sighed and grumbled and waded through the sea of questions. I even printed it out although I was planning to type it online. It was just so much information to process. Do you know how I know this isn’t an easy task? Because the last time I was at the range, there was a sign stating that they assist with filling out handgun license applications. I’ve also seen lawyers who advertise this service as well. It would have been easy to ditch this new-found project. I didn’t invest any time, nor any money into this effort, but most importantly I didn’t tell anyone, except my husband what my plans were. While I didn’t want to be bothered by the form and the litany of other tasks and errands that were going to be involved, I didn’t want to be cowed by the system. I put on my student cap, gritted my teeth, and started to carefully read the directions.

Under the 2nd Amendment, I, as a U.S. citizen with no criminal record am entitled to own a gun.

“The longest journey begins with a single step….”

If you’re not a gun enthusiast or are someone who thinks guns “kill people,” you may be wondering why I bothered to obtain a handgun license. It’s not something most people think about. It’s because I have a mathematical mind, and I approach a lot of things weighing the odds first. What are the chances? If my family experiences a home invasion, what are the odds of our survival? I could have reassured myself that my home would never be invaded, but I generally don’t delude myself.

My motto: “Hope for the best, expect the worst.”

Criminals are motivated by self-preservation, and handguns can therefore be a deterrent. The potential defensive nature of guns is further evidenced by the different rates of so-called ‘hot burglaries,’ where a resident is at home when a criminal strikes. In Canada and Brtitain, both with tough gun-control laws, almost half of all burglaries are ‘hot burglaries.’ In contrast, the United States, with fewer restrictions, has a ‘hot burglary’ rate of only 13 percent. Criminals are not just behaving differently by accident. Convicted American felons reveal in surveys that they are much more worried about armed victims than about running into the police. The fear of potentially armed victims causes American burglars to spend more time than their foreign counterparts ‘casing’ a house to ensure that nobody is home. Felons frequently comment in these interviews that they avoid late-night burglaries because ‘that’s the way to get shot.’

~ More Guns Less Crime by John Lott page 5

Positive gun stories in which a crime is averted by legally armed citizens are not likely to be reported due to the general bias against guns by the mainstream media, but this heartwarming story of a pregnant woman thwarting two burglars with a shotgun came through my timeline right before Christmas time:

It’s the last thing two burglary suspects expected to hear when they broke into a Coon Rapids home. From within the house came the unmistakable sound of a pump shotgun. At the other end of that gun was a 22-year-old woman who is nine weeks pregnant.

The young woman asked not to be identified because the two suspects are still at large. However, she says when the men ignored her barking pit bull and black lab, and broke through a kitchen door, she had no other choice but to chamber a round into the 12-gauge shotgun.

There’s perhaps no other sound that commands as much respect and fear. The young woman at the business end of that gun was home alone and prepared to protect herself.

~ CBS Minnesota

In January 2001, America was horror-struck by the double homicide of two congenial Dartmouth College professors, Half Zantop and his wife Susanne Zantop in their home in Etna New Hampshire. Their murderers were the personifications of evil. They were high achieving highschoolers, classmates James J. Parker, age 16, and 17-year-old Robert W. Tulloch who premeditated a bloody murder and robbery spree to fulfill their fantasy of traveling to exotic places and living a lavish lifestyle. Tullock and Parker had gained entry into the Zantop residence posing as students doing research for a school survey. Their weapons against the welcoming hapless couple were SOG SEAL 2000 knives. The kind, naive professors were viciously hacked to death. The fatal wounds on the Zantops were akin to the gruesome deadly wounds on Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in another highly-publicized double knife homicide.

A lesser-known yet instructive story was the same tragedy that had been averted six months earlier at another family home in Vermont. On the evening of July 17, 2000, Andrew Patti, 47, in his Vershire, Vermont vacation home was reading to his 11-year-old boy, Andy. His wife, Diane was away at work, when the dog’s sudden barking was followed by an insistent pounding at the door. Without knowing that Tulloch and Parker were armed with high-tech knives and had already cut their phone line, Patti refused to open the door to the would-be thrill killers who tried to gain entry into the house under the pretense of needing help for their car. When they refused to go away, the street-wise, Patti, a native New Yorker waved his 9 mm Glock. (Near miss: the Andrew Patti incident – The Ayoob Files)

Andrew Patti later found out that Tulloch and Parker had already dug shallow graves near the Patti residence for the bloody corpses they had hoped to create out of an innocent man and his 11-year-old boy. Tulloch and Parker had planned to eviscerate a man and his boy. An inhumanity was stopped because Andrew Patti was armed with a gun.

Those are some of the thoughts that led to why I wanted a gun. I will tell you how hard it was to get one. To be continued.

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