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Happy New Year! Hope 2012 will allow you to live the dreams created in 2011. Health, Happiness and Prosperity! For the new year, I wanted to give you all the gift of poetry from our resident poetess….

Not There
by Da Gurl
written on December 30, 2011

Were his insides cold like ice?
Did he ever have an affectionate heart?
Or perhaps there is more to the story
That made the man so very tart.

It was a lovely summer morning
With the dew so freshly set
And the lilacs in full blooming
When the two beings first met

The woman had met him by gaffe
In her rush she had dropped her change
The man, once having a heart of empathy
Assisted in picking up the range

She gave him a quick “Thank you, sir”
And it was at that point, he saw her eyes
The loveliest blue, the deepest shade-
They made plans to meet for a second time.

After a year of delightful dates
The man bought a ring to propose
To marry the woman he had loved
His treasured, beautiful, rose.

But that dark night, that dank air
Something foreboding hung in the mist
He was putting out his candle sticks
When he saw the woman kiss!

Another man it was that hour
He knew it not to be of her kin
For that kiss, he had wanted for so long
Was pressed so long and deep on him.

The rose, the beautiful rose
That he had treasured for so long
Was traveling farther away
From the heart that it had held on

So now you know, dear reader, why,
The man has burdens he cannot bear
Why his eyes are filled with not anger but grief
His heart no longer there