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Some parents need a good slap to put some sense into them.

I Wonder How Many People Warned Her Not To Do This….

Today the youngest eight children of Nadya Suleman turn 3 years old. They are Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Makai. Nadya Suleman, dubbed Octomom, became an overnight celebrity when she gave birth to eight children after her reproductive doctor implanted 12 embryos in her uterus. As a single mom, she already had six children and had received public assistance.

Her hopes of cashing in on her fame never panned out.

She definitely hasn’t earned enough to keep up with the costs of raising 14 children. Suleman has estimated the costs of feeding, clothing and schooling them at $15,000 a month.

Her home is now in foreclosure. She is hoping for a possible short-sale instead so she can lease a home.

“I don’t want any handouts from people, because I feel I don’t want to be a burden,” she said.  (Oh really?)

Her children’s inital weeks in the hospital cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. And while her children are extremely lucky to have survived an octuplet birth, it is still unclear what future medical obstacles lay ahead for them. Usually children of multiple births have medical issues ranging from asthma to learning disabilities at higher rates than other children.

You’re Not Cool.  You’re Just Selfish and Stupid.

What a moment to cherish when you see your baby for the very first time.  Unfortunately some parents were denied this right when Lenox Hill maternity ward went into “lockdown” mode after Beyoncé and Jay-Z paid $1.3 million to the hospital so that the birth of their precious rap princess, Blue Ivy could be more private and more secure.   So while Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated the birth of their new baby, other parents were treated as second class citizens:

Neil Coulon, of Brooklyn, told reporters that he was stopped several times from seeing his premature twin girls because the famous duo’s entourage was using the hallway.

~ NBC New York

Furious new dad Edgar Ramirez told CBS 2′s Hazel Sanchez the superstars’ security wouldn’t let him into the intensive care unit to see his newborn daughter, Charlotte.

“I was arguing with the security guards to go see my baby. ‘Why not? We can’t, we can’t.’ I couldn’t see my baby until three hours later because of the security,” Ramirez said.

~ CBS New York

And an addendum to this story, a week later Jay-Z vows that he wouldn’t ever use the word, “b*tch” again out of respect to his newborn daughter.   I was so touched by this bit of sincerity that I became all teary-eyed — tears as genuine as the ones that rolled down Bill Clinton’s cheeks when he ran into reporters at Ron Brown’s funeral.

It doesn’t begin to address his role in contributing to and profiting from the global power of a hyper-sexist brand of hip-hop masculinity. I need to hear quite a bit more about how he feels about this legacy and its impact on millions of black girls and boys before getting all teary-eyed.

~ Tricia Rose of The Guardian

And This Month’s Parenting Fail Award Goes To….

The Panama City mom who carelessly had sex with her boyfriend as her 15-year-old listened on in the next room.  The teen called 911 and asked to be placed in a Christian children’s shelter “because she heard her mother having sex” and “felt disrespected” by her 35-year-old mom’s actions.

Honor thy father and mother.  How about honor your children?  This mother should learn a thing or two about being a good parent although I have to admit that her child learned enough to realize what the mother was doing was inappropriate.