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I’m going to go find myself a job and hire someone to call me nasty names like “kimchi breath,” “chink face,” and “dirty gook.” I can pretend that I was offended and quit my job. Then I can bring a lawsuit against the company saying I was called racist names, that I was harassed and that I had to work in a hostile environment.

A San Francisco jury has awarded $465,400 to a Muslim of African descent who quit his job as a security guard after a co-worker called him a ‘goddamn terrorist,’ supervisors made racist comments and a top company official endorsed a statement that ‘Muslims kill people.’

Jurors of the Superior County court found Andrews International responsible for harassment and a hostile work environment, and forcing Abas Idris to resign. The jury awarded Mr. Idris $65,400 for lost wages and emotional distress.  Monday, the jury awarded Mr. Idris an additional $400,000 in punitive damages.

‘Andrews does not condone discrimination or harassment of any kind,’ (attorney Madonna) Herman.  She said the company promoted Idris to a supervisory position and accommodated his requests for schedule changes.

~ San Francisco Chronicle

I wonder why Minhee Cho didn’t file a lawsuit against Papa John’s Pizza  when an inept cashier at it’s uptown Manhattan chain referred to her as “lady chinky eyes” on her receipt….  It should be worth $7,229.58 for that kind of racial slur.  Perhaps she might get similar jurors who believe that one of the worst types of victimhood is to be offended by someone’s name calling.

So any takers on my dare?