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Constance Steinkuehler is the latest czar to be hired by the Obama Administration. And get this: Her job will be to study the civic potential of video games. And no, this story is not from the Onion.

So Ms. Steinkuehler makes a pretty 6 digit salary from her stint as White House Video Game Czar while also benefiting from a
$350,000 MacArthur Foundation Grant.

Perhaps I’m a bit old-fashioned and not as hip as I once used to be, but did I miss the memo on the importance of video games and how they should now be embraced by society as an educational tool?

It comes as recent research shows that video games now reach across demographic and generational lines. The advent of cellphone and casual games such as Angry Birds and Farmville have reworked the typical gamer profile in breathtaking fashion.

~ USA Today

So because more people are playing video games thanks to smartphones and Facebook, we’re suddenly going to view video games in a new and better light?

Video games have been a huge parental concern for many years generating articles like the following:

Can spending too much time playing video games hurt my child?

Top 10: Signs You Play Video Games Too Often

Too much TV, video games can threaten attention span

So what is the real reason for the White House Video Game Czar?

If history is our teacher, then it may not come as surprise when new regulations for the video game industry are rolled out after Constance Steinkuehler reports on her observations. Despite the addictive nature of video games, consumers and businesses of video games worked fine under the free market system. But socialists like Obama need to meddle into these kinds of affairs to make it more ‘fair’ and ‘right’.

Perhaps the addictive nature is exactly what the Obama Administration wants to use. Remember Karl Marx said that “religion is the opiate of the masses”? If Pres. Obama can make the American public buy into the belief that video games are now the modern tool to educate, it would be the perfect vehicle to reach the masses on his message of social justice.

That is the statist game: dictate what people can do, and force compliance. I’d much rather play a game called ‘Free Market Capitalism’ where people serve their fellow man by providing goods and services people want and need at prices people are willing to pay in a voluntary transaction. Do you think the White House Video Game Czar would create that game? The leftists in the White House don’t even understand how to play it.

~ Political Realities

What do you think? Do we need a White House Video Game Czar?