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Popular Rap Artist, Eminem

Liberals have been gleefully cheering as Rush Limbaugh lost a total of 15 sponsors after his use of the word, “slut” to describe Sandra Fluke. She’s the 30-year-old activist / Georgetown Law student who wants government to mandate that insurance companies have to cover birth control. Even after he apologized for the use of the word, liberals have continued to relentlessly call for boycotts and have hounded the rest of his sponsors to drop their accounts.

According to Jezebel, over the weekend, Huffington Post counted as one of it’s sponsors, Life Quotes. According to it’s website, Life Quotes is an “online consumer insurance information service” that “provides access to comparative quotes for auto, life, health and business insurance quotes so that busy consumers and business owners can save time and money.”

A concerned, offended reader wrote to Robert Bland, Chairman and Founder of Life Quotes and offered this complaint:

Please remove your ads from the Rush Limbaugh Show or I will contact the providers you aggregate leads for (Lincoln, Fidelity, etc) and tell them that I will not support THEM because of your refusal to do so

Mr. Bland smartly and eloquently responded with the following:

Thanks for the threat. You are free to write any of our partner companies you wish. We’ve not advertised on Rush since 2007 and, as an independent agent, make our ad decisions based upon audience size and household income, not politics. Moreover, Rush has apologized for his poor choice of words twice, in public, over the last few days.

Let’s test you’re the genuineness of your radio outrage: how many times have you written a rapper over the past year for writing and signing lyrics that espouse the treatment of women as if they were animals to be raped and then slaughtered?

In all likelihood, this reader probably never once did write to all the rappers that have used words like ‘slut’ or ‘ho’? So what is the real reason why this reader wanted Life Quotes to drop their account with the Rush Limbaugh Show?