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Another purposeful day winding to a close
I pop a handful of Pep-O-Mint LifeSavers
Gnashing the candied whites as I sit in repose
I contemplate the duo, the product from my labors

One, the fearless poetess, the apple of my eye
A will of steel and interminable drive
The other, a boy whose gentle looks belie
Mischief maker, ninja, and lover of all things sky

What an utter joy it is to watch them grow
Drinking in the pleasures of their childhood
Discovering the bliss of motherhood I did not know
Imbibing in something that was not understood

Now I wonder what my life would be if I had given
into all the frightful fears and the uncertainties
Would I have regretted having forgone female tradition?
For now, life is indeed better without those ambiguities