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I love stories like this — a slice of life story to add significance to a particular date in history. Also unknown to many is how the untimely death of the Russian leader Yuri Andropov derailed the plans of Senator Ted Kennedy to use him in an attempt to win the presidency. Kennedy was responsible for sending a secret letter to Andropov hoping to work with him in defeating the president. The only reason it was not considered treasonous was because the U.S. was not in war with the Soviet Union. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/kgb-letter-details-kennedy-offer-to-ussr

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On April 25th 1983, the Soviet Union released a letter that Russian leader Yuri Andropov had written to Samantha Smith, an American fifth-grader from Manchester, Maine, inviting her to visit his country. Andropov’s letter came in response to a note Smith had sent him in December 1982, asking if the Soviets were planning to start a nuclear war. At the time, the United States and Soviet Union were Cold War enemies.

President Ronald Reagan, a passionate anti-communist, had dubbed the Soviet Union the “evil empire” and called for massive increases in U.S. defense spending to meet the perceived Soviet threat. In his public relations duel with Reagan, known as the “Great Communicator,” Andropov, who had succeeded longtime Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in 1982, assumed a folksy, almost grandfatherly approach that was incongruous with the negative image most Americans had of the Soviets.

Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov was born on June 15th…

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