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Couldn’t believe my wicked ears when I heard you weren’t coming back
I saw you a decade ago dressed in yellow and wrapped in cellophane pack
You were content, so sure of yourself, oozing self-confidence and white cream
You were everything that I had hoped for and everything that I had dreamed

But then I forgot about you and took for granted that you’d always be there
Time flew with a wink of an eye and all of sudden I’m living a nightmare
I went frantically looking for you in the usual corner and designated place
But all the racks were bare, leaving only haunted memories and empty space

I will miss you greatly my cloyingly sweet, tooth decaying yellow treat
Along with your friends that made my gastronomic childhood complete
I will miss how every bite of you would make my teeth ache in pain
You were my steady source of sugar in a lonely empty subway train

Goodbye Twinkie. Parting is such sweet sorrow.