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The last satisfying book club I was part of was nearly 13 years ago. We met once a month at a local restaurant and we decided as a group what we would read. It was really pleasant and I liked the ladies that were part of the book club. One of the ladies even arranged a baby shower for me, but as they say — all good things must come to an end….

Since then, I was part of one book club for several months. I couldn’t get comfortable in it because after 20 minutes into the book discussion, it evolved into discussions about people’s personal lives and I didn’t find their lives all that interesting. The other annoying aspect about this book club was that people were unwilling to read the books that were selected. Okay, so if no one is reading the book but me, what are we supposed to be discussing? More personal stuff? No, thank you. I felt badly about leaving because the woman leading the book club was quite literate and I liked the books she picked.

That was a handful of years ago and since then I have hemmed and hawed about starting my own club thinking it would be this huge responsibility. So I looked and looked for a book club that was already established, and I think it was mostly the locations that were bugging me. I didn’t want to trek into Manhattan, Park Slope or Astoria for a book club meeting, I have to do that for homeschooling purposes already and I didn’t want to do it for a book club. I just didn’t.

So here it is the new year, and though I have no idea where this book club is going to go, I am excited and open to new ideas. I will ask people to bring a copy of a book they would like to read and suggest for the book club, and ask for ideas on where they’d like this book club to go.

Please spread the word, if you know of any bibliophiles that might be interested and live in or near Brooklyn. Going forward, depending upon the outcome of the first meeting, it will be meeting once a month. The location will only be revealed to folks who message me either on Facebook or Twitter.

Till then happy reading….