It’s been over six months and I don’t miss it. For me it was fun in the beginning, reconnecting with old friends and adding new friends. But after a while, the fun left, leaving me feeling empty with the likes and comments from people who would never contact me outside of the social media bubble. I didn’t like feeling manipulated by a social construct. My day was overwhelmed by moments when I felt the need to see other people’s statuses. I was thinking about things to post instead of just enjoying the day for the sake of enjoying it. Is a moment 10 times better when you get thumbs up from 10 Facebook friends? For me the answer was no. I started to realize that I was spending a lot of time on something that wasn’t contributing to my happiness.

Over time, I realized that my life would be better without Facebook. I’m the sort to write a card, send an personal email, get together for dinner or an outing, or call a friend once a month who moved so far away that I don’t get to see her often. After doing those things, I get a sense of satisfaction that I connected with someone and I know they saw or heard me.

I know I miss the day-to-day happenings of those I was connected to on Facebook, but I figured if someone really wanted me to know something, he/she knows how to get in touch with me. Besides, catching up in face-to-face conversation or on a phone call is so much more enriching. You can actually hear the anger or excitement in someone’s voice than have to rely on emoticons. For me spending a few precious moments of quality time with a friend than spending hundreds of hours chatting on Facebook.

One thing I definitely don’t miss are the constant changes in profile pics. How many hours did someone waste on trying to take the perfect selfie? (I still think that the selfie stick could possibly be the worst invention ever…. I haven’t heard of anyone dying while letting someone else take a picture of him/herself while on vacation. Maybe some things should be left unchanged?

How about trying this? The next time you have a good time, whatever it may be — going to a concert, finishing reading a great book, baking the most delicious cake and take a photo and don’t tell a soul….